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Search Engine Optimization

Before we start developing your website, we audit your business's current online status. We see where you are at on the google listing and if you are on any additional directories. We take a closer look at your website's backlinks, keyword ranking, compare competitor websites and see how they are outranking you. After Website Development, we check load times and user experience for optimal satisfaction.

There are approximately 3.8 Billion Smart Phones in the whole world and 7.6 Billion actual people that exist. That is almost half of the world's population. If you are a business that currently has a NOT mobile-friendly website, you need to change that now. You guarantee your company more traffic because of user experience alone. By making your website more mobile-friendly, you also help your keyword ranking on mobile searches.

If you are a small business focused on local foot traffic or clients within the same state, you must focus on local search engine optimization. Local SEO will bring people in the door. Local SEO would be listing your businesses on every local directory and creating demographic-focused marketing campaigns on Google ads or Facebook marketing. If you are a computer business selling computers, making blogs about nearby coffee shops to study effectively with your laptop is a good example.

National SEO is the most competitive when trying to optimize your business website. There are a lot more competitors who fight over targeted keywords. In that case, we need to approach National SEO more aggressively. We evaluate your online presence; we bring to light data to create a comprehensive plan to overcome high-ranking competitors.

During the web development process, Apex Business Marketing focuses on each webpage. We take a look at its functionality, mobile responsiveness, and visual elements. We commonly run into pages with stock images, slow page load times, and irrelevant content that needs to be updated. Almost 98% of our clients are not aware of key phrases, meta descriptions, and title tags. With Apex Business Marketing, this is all included in your website development plan.

Studies have shown page speed affects Search Engine Optimization. After launch, we make sure that your website is page speed optimized, image optimized and that when users visit your site, their full load time is under the 4-second mark, making sure they are more likely to turn into a conversion.