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Web Designer

What started as a hobby bloomed into something much bigger. Apex Business Marketing has helped several small businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest reach their potential. I helped each business by customizing its websites for its specific target market. In turn, most clients are referred to us, but now I want to help even more businesses thrive! Join us in developing a thriving business network, and let me reach all of our business goals together! Start working with an affordable web designer today!

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Our Mission

Helping local

Hire me to be your personal Webmaster for only $100/month with my webmaster package!

“Enhancing your online presence by providing webmaster services, website development and design, and marketing services to produce thriving businesses.”

I improve foot traffic in your growing business, increase exposure, and facilitate strategic advertising campaigns.

I hand select four new clients monthly to focus my efforts on your website development needs. Call me today to get started!

I am listed as one of the thirty best Web Developers in Washington State; visit expertise.com to learn more! 

SEO Optimized Website

After becoming a client, I will review each page and perform SEO optimization. SEO will help your visitors find you on "Search Engines" like google.

Google Analytics

While I develop your website, I will integrate it with "Google Analytics" to paint a better picture of who your target market is.

Website Hosting

All webmaster packages include hosting your domain, meaning people will be able to see it "live" online.

Call To Action Buttons

Every website needs built-in "Call to Action" buttons; this helps with conversions and sales.

Web Speed Optimization

Statistics indicate that visitors who wait at most 3.5 seconds for a website to load end up never visiting the website.

Email Configuration

If you don't already have a business email, I can provide one for you at a low cost.

Multi-Page Website

All websites developed by Apex are multi-page websites with four or more pages. (e.g., Home, Services, About, Blog, and Contact Us.)

Monthly SEO Blogs

My Silver & Gold Webmaster packages offer monthly SEO Blogs. These blogs will increase traction for online visitors looking for your specific service.