7 Basic Steps to Start a Quality Website

Apex Business Marketing doesn’t just want your money; we want to help all businesses grow whether they use us or not! That is why we offer free information on developing your website. If you are someone that has a legitimate business already and doesn’t want to deal with your website, that is why you would choose us. We offer our services as “Your Webmaster,” meaning we will do it all for you, so you don’t have a headache. We want you to be able to take care of your day-to-day tasks for your business. In this blog, you will learn the 7 basic steps to start a quality website for your business.

Step 1: Buy a Domain Name: You can buy a domain name from many domain hosting providers like Namecheap or GoDaddy. We recommend that you find a domain that matches your services. We recommend choosing a domain that ends with (“.COM”). It is easier for people to remember that your website ends with a (“.COM”).

Step 2: Buy a Hosting Plan: When you purchase a domain name from a hosting provider, you can look to see what kind of plans they have. If you shop for web hosting plans on GoDaddy, we recommend the Deluxe or Ultimate Web Hosting Plan. If you are a small business that isn’t going to add much content to your website, getting an economy package would still work for these steps.

Step 3: Buy a Theme from ThemeForest.Net: If you purchase a theme from Theme Forest, we recommend only looking for themes that use Elementor. Most themes have three months of support by the developers, but sometimes bugs happen with new WordPress updates. Always pay attention to how many sales the theme has and the reviews because some themes may have many bugs you don’t want to deal with and may end up costing you hours to fix.

Step 4: Launch Theme: After you have purchased your Domain and Web Hosting Plan, you should be able to log in to your WordPress dashboard. Here is a YouTube video to show you steps 1 and 2. Navigate to your Theme Forest account, go to the theme you purchased, select the dropdown, and click on “Downloads > Installable WordPress File.” After your Theme WordPress File is downloaded, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Themes. Upload the Installable WordPress file in the upload section. After you select “Install Now.” Here is a video on how to do Steps 3 and 4.  

Step 5: Install Required Plugins: The theme will require you to install all the required plugins.

Step 6: Import Demo Data: After the plugins have been installed and activated, you want to “Import Demo Data.” Here is a video explaining steps 5 and 6.

Step 7: Start Developing Your Website: After you have followed all these steps, develop your website! If you chose the Theme with Elementor, our next blog is for you! We will go over how to edit each page step-by-step and declutter pages you don’t need!

Thank you so much for reading “7 Steps to Start Developing a Quality Website,” we hope you have learned a lot in very little time. Many of the things I will be going through took many years of trial and error. If you have any questions about your website, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to try to answer your questions the best we can!

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